Re-Usable Toweling For Wrapping Tree Seedlings


A Tree Wrapping Fabric should have:

Absorbency– The fabric needs to absorb and hold too much water to several hours. Thicker fabrics hold too much water, making them heavier and a mess to carry. If the fabric dries out too fast, the seedlings will die.

Reusability– For cost efficiency, the fabrics needs to be reused at least three times before being discarded. Used toweling is usually hand rinsed in one or two tubs of water to remove much of the visible dirt. The toweling disintegrates if it is washed in a washing machine.

Stability– The product should not tear when wet. The fabric’s stretch and shrinkage should be within the limits required for it to be most effective as a seedling wrap.


Spun-Woven Sontara, manufactured by DuPont, worked best in our limited evaluations. Officials from DuPont told us that Sontara fabrics are used in more than 1,000 products, ranging from disposable car wash towels to medical gowns. There are many different product formulations of the Sontara spun-woven fabrics. Absorbent and non absorbent fabrics are available. The Sontara fabrics that worked best for wrapping seedlings are the cellulose-based, absorbent type typically used in the cleaning industry.

American Supply Corp. agreed to custom cut 22-inch by 200-yard rolls perforated every 15 inches of the material. Alternative custom cut sizes are available upon request. SEE ATTACHED SAMPLE.


DuPont Sontara 8818 Seedling Wrap Material

Roll size 22 inches wide, 200 yards in length, perforations every 15 inches.

Price is $ 85.00 per roll includes free delivery to your location.


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