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Giving You Control Over Lab Animal Data.

Quality solutions that meet the unique needs of your animal research organization.

Our software delivers:

·    Cost recovery based on various parameters such as tasks, cage days, per investigator, day, item etc.

·    Increased productivity through breeding efficiency calculations, warning about hard to breed lines that may be headed to extinction.

·    Increased Accuracy by streamlining data capture and transfer through connection to bar codes, RFID technology and lab hardware.

·    Improved communication between different groups within the institute through electronic management of tasks.

·    Time saving by providing meaningful and timely built-in reporting.

·    We deliver unique features, such as scientific notation.

·    Value for money, by including all functionality in one package, with flexible access control for different work “roles”.

Enterprise Solution for management of animal lab data. Choice of web or rich client

·    Breeding management

·    IACUC Protocol Management

·    Orders & Accounting

·    Animal Health

·    Task & Scheduling

·    Clinical Management

·    Cryopreservation

·    ...and more

The Original Animal Management Software Solution