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Nonwoven Wipers - Woven Wiping Cloths - Sorbents - Sontara® EC® Cloth-Replacement Wipers

Nonwoven Wipers
Air laid wiping cloths of highly absorbent fibrs, thick durable, cleaning wipes , industrial cleaning supplies Airlaid Wipers
Airlaid Wipers are made from highly absorbent cellulose fibers randomly oriented by air and bonded with a latex binder. Available in a variety of weights, embossing patterns and colors.
  • Soft and thick
  • Highly absorbent in grease and oil
  • Embossed for cloth-like texture
  • Economical general purpose wiping
Wood fiber DRRC Wipers, durable and absorbent wipes for water grease and oil spills All-Pupose DRC Wipers
DRC Wipers are made from strong wood fibers combined with binder and then "double-creped" to give the fabric unique stretch, softness and wipe-dry properties. DRC has excellent durability and absorbency in water, grease and oil.
  • Soft and thick
  • Absorbent in water, grease and oil
Scim reinforced wipers of absorbent cellulose fibers, strong multi glass cleaning towels Scrim-Reinforced Wipers
Scrim-Reinforced Material (SRM) is made from two or more layers of absorbent cellulose tissue laminated with an inner ply of cross-mesh scrim. The result is a highly absorbent fabric with extra-strength for increased usability. With excellent wipe-dry capabilities, SRM is ideal for glass cleaning.
  • Multi-plies for extra absorbency
  • Great for glass cleaning
  • Scrim-reinforced for extra durability
  • Economical
Entangled Fiber Specialty wiping cloths - super strong rags for solvent cleaning, reusable cleaning cloths Entangled Fiber Specialty Wipes
Made from super strong fabric that can be machine washed over and over. Entangled fiber is an advanced technology that combines highly absorbent fibers in a mechanical bonding process that will not break down with solvent usage. These wipers come in both smooth and creped finishes, blue and white.
  • Tough and strong
  • Low-lint and solvent resistant
  • Reusable in the most demanding wiping tasks
  • Excellent wipe-dry
Food service towels and wipers. Scrubbint food prep cloths for wet cleaning for tables and counters Foodservice Towels
American Supply Corporation offers different types of wipers designed for use in foodservice and food prep applications where wet-strength cleaning and durability are important. Each type provides distinctive performance and usage features in the right balance of value and quality.
  • Wet wipers for counter and table cleaning
  • Scrubbing towels for extra reusability
  • Linen replacement wipers for cloth-like performance
Woven Wiping Cloths
Specialty wiping rags, baby diapers, surgical and terry cloth towls and cheese cloth rags. Specialty Rags
We offer the widest range of specialty wiping rags you can find! Our specialty rag line includes popular wipers such as baby diapers, surgical (huck) towels, terry cloth towels and cheesecloth. American Supply Corporation can fill virtually any wiping product order you may need at a competitive price.
Complete selection of new mill end wiping cloths and mil ends, cleaning rags of new cotton fabrics New Mill-End Wipers
American Supply Corporation offers a complete selection of beautiful new mill-end wipers and washed mill-ends as well as bleached t-shirt knits and french terry. These are the products preferred by many customers because they have never been used as clothing, which makes these wipers more consistent in size, performance and quality.
Recycled rag wipers includes sheets, table linens, large quantities of sterilized used rags Recycled Rags
Our line of recycled rag wipers are among the finest available including sheeting, table linens and corduroy. We stock large quantities of these lower cost rags, all sterilized for cleanliness. Recycled rag wipers are the perfect wiper for less critical wiping tasks where lower cost is a primary concern.
Industrial Sorbents
Proper handling of spills is no longer just a good idea
. . . it's the law.
American Supply Corporation offers a wide range of universal and oil-only sorbents in a variety of put-ups.
Industrial Sorbents for cleaning oil, paint thinner and solvens, Control and clean up industrial spills leaks and drips
Pad, Socks, Rolls and Pillows for cleaning water based spills in maintenance applications
Oil Only — Pads, Rolls, Socks, Booms and Pillows
American Supply Corporation offers oil-only sorbents that selectively absorb oil and petrochemicals, i.e., gasoline, fuel oil, paint thinner, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and solvents. They are used in the control and cleanup of spills, leaks and drips.
  • Melt blown polypropylene pads and rolls
  • Polypropylene-filled socks, booms, and pillows
  • Low-lint sprocket-bonded polypropylene pads and rolls
Maintenance— Pads, Rolls, Socks, and Pillows
Products are available for use on non-aggressive fluids like coolants, solvents, lubricants, cutting oils and water-based liquids found in maintenance applications. American Supply Corporation also offers general maintenance socks and pillows filled with airlaid for excellent wicking action.
  • Universal melt blown polypropylene pads and rolls
  • Needle punched polypropylene rolls
  • Airlaid socks and pillows
  • Rag rugs
Miscellaneous— Sorbent Products
Our sorbent offering also includes Yellow HAZMAT pads and rolls, safety floor matting, drum top covers, and several different sizes of spill and leak containment kits from emergency truck spill kits to 95-gallon spill response kits.

Sontara® EC® Cloth-Replacement Wipers
Sontara engineered cloth wipers, durable, strong and inexpensive cleaning cloths Sontara® EC® Cloth-Replacement Wipers
Not paper, not cloth . . . Something totally different. Nothing beats Sontara® EC® engineered cloth wipers in all-around performance, wet or dry. Sontara® EC® wipers are more versatile than cloth, stronger and more durable than paper and less expensive than both. Engineered by Dupont, a world leader in technology, Sontara® EC® wipers resist abrasion and solvents, contains no binders or glue, are low-linting and highly absorbent in a variety of fluids.
  • Tough and durable for multiple reuse
  • Wipes dry
  • Solvent resistant
  • Low-linting
  • Highly absorbent
  • Saves money